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Attach a Domain to Your Website

Do you need a domain? Buy a domain or transfer an existing domain to Bricksite.

Begin by Publishing your website inside the Editor.

Edit Website > Publish

Then go back to the main interface and select Attach Domain.

If your website has not already been upgraded you will be asked to buy Premium (the purchase proces is described here).

Have you upgraded, but see the message anyway? Select Your Profile ( ⌵ ) in the upper right corner > Subscriptions > find the subscription in the list > select the three dots (•••) > Switch Premium to Another Website > select the website in the list > Attach Premium.

Attach Domain — Premium Required

Local Domains. Select the domain in the overview and press Attach Domain.

External Domains. Select Attach external domain to connect your domains from other hosting providers.
Domains must be entere without prepended https://www..
Remember to set up the required DNS records at your hosting provider that shows in the proces.

Typically it takes up to an hour before the website is up and running.

Attach Domain — Active Premium
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