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PREMIUM is for you who wishes to have your very own domain paired with your website. An individual subscription is required for every website you wish to publish on owned domains. Each Website can have an unlimited number of domains attached to it however without additional cost. We offer both Yearly and Monthly subscription to cater to that which best suits your needs.

Additional Terms:

Premium Subscriptions come with a 30 day return policy, where you can cancel your subscription and be refunded. In such instances simply contact our customer support either via the inbedded Chat or by addressing an email sent to: .
Premium subscriptions are paid in advance. By Subscribing to Bricksite Premium you agree to have the monthly or anual fee be charged on the renewal date, Until you decide to cancel your Subscription.
To Purchase and make use of a Premium Subscription you'll need to have a website designed in advance.

Step By Step

Log on to** MY BRICKSITE**.

Select the desired website and press three dots: • • • and select Upgrade to Premium

On this page you'll select wether you desire an Anually or Monthly Subscription.

After selection press Continue.

Make sure the contents of the Checkout screen only includes the desired Product(s). Once done, proceed to Checkout.

Plot in your Credit Card details, we accept Visa and Mastercard. All Payment information is stored in a Secure and Encrypted service in accordance with EU Laws regarding Security Standards.

Complete the Purchase by pressing Proceed to Payment.
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