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Flyt Domænet Til Bricksite
DNS: Bricksite II (Premium)

Skip the Troubles: Transfer your Domain to Bricksite

For most typical international domains you'll be able to transfer your Domain directly to Bricksite, and save yourself a lot of hard work.

Tansfer Domain to Bricksite.

DNS — Bricksite II Premium.

This Funktion requires an active PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION.
Your domain does not fall under Bricksite's terms regarding uptime, as far as your Domain is concerned as issues and errors with your Domain provider's systems, or outdated DNS settings.

Hvis du ikke ønsker at flytte domænet til Bricksite, så skal du blot følge de nedenstående trin. If you do not wish to transfer your domain to Bricksite, simply follow the instructions provided below:

De nedenstående indstillinger sætter du op ved din domæneforhandler . Er du i tvivl om, hvordan dette sættes op, så skal du kontakte den pågældende forhandler: Bricksite kan ikke hjælpe dig med andre udbyderes systemer, men vi kan naturligvis hjælpe dig, hvis du flytter domænet til os.
You'll need to enter the provided settings below at your current Domain Provider. if you are unsure how to procede then you'll need to contact your current provider: Bricksite Cannot help you with the systems of another provider. Should you transfer however, we'd be more than happy to help!

Type: A
Hostname: Leave this field blank, in case of errors simply type in an @ symbol
Prioritet: 0
Værdi / Destination:
TTL: 3600

Hostname: www
Prioritet: 0
Værdi / Destination: Your domain followed by a period sign. such as:
TTL: 3600

Hostname: *
Prioritet: 0
Værdi / Destination: Your domain followed by a period sign. such as:
TTL: 3600

Type: AAAA
Slet. Delete the AAAA-Record if you have one in your overview it is not needed.

The usual wait time is abour 2-3 hours up to 24 hours before the settings will be put into effect at your current provider. You do however not have to wait for this to go into effect in order to continue with the steps of this guide.

Once Step 1 has been completeted, log on to MY BRICKSITE and select the website you wish to pair your external domain to and press Adminstrare Website.

This Website must be published and have a Premium subscription attached to it.

Click on Attach Domain.

Select the button labled Attach Exnternal Domain.

In the Searchbar, type in your domain, without https://www.

Press Attach Domain.

Our system will run through a small checklist to ensure everything is in order. If an error should occur you'll be notified. If you are unsure please contact Customer Support.

The Website will be online wtih SSL-Certificate withinin 15 minutes
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