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Have I been hacked !?

Calm down! In the vast majority of cases this error occurs whenever the security certificate on your website has expired ; or that in a few special cases you have inserted content via an unencrypted iframe on your website.

For safety reasons, the certificate must be renewed every two to three months. Our systems renew the certificate automagically, but occassionally this process fails.

Wait 10–15 minutes

If you have just published your website; renamed your website; added a new domain; selected a new primary domain; reactivated your domain; or edited the domain setup in the menu Pages & Domains : This is perfectly normal!

If the security error does not disappear within 10–15 minutes, contact Customer Service and we can see if the certificate needs to be issued manually or if the error is due to something completely different.

Unsafe Scripts and iFrames

If you have inserted a script, iframe, or similar, then be aware that all URLs must have a prefixed https://. If the provider of the script or iframe only supports http:// then you must discuss this with the provider in question, because unsafe iframes are supported by modern web browsers no longer.

But What is SSL?

With a Premium subscription at Bricksite, you get a free SSL–certificate on your site. SSL is basically a certificate that encrypts the information sent between the visitor and your site. That is, you are protected so that others do not "look with". This is equivalent to sealing a letter so that it cannot be opened during the shipment — SSL is only much more secure than that!

SSL is incredibly important because it builds trust between your visitors and your site. The following icon will appear on your page, next to the URL in the search box:

Connection is secure with green padlock.
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