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Remember to tell Google that your website exists. Otherwise, it may take an indefinite period of time until Google find your website (up to 120 days, or not at all).

Therefore, you should register your new domain on Google Search Console to tell Google that your website exists. Thus, your website should be able to be found on Google relatively quickly; from a few hours to a few days.

Sign in to Google Search Console and create a user if you do not already have a Google Account.

Enter your domain without ‹www› in the gray box titled Domain.
You must enter the website's primary domain; otherwise you will get errors later in the process. If the domain contains special characters (such as æ–ø–å), then the domain must be IDN encoded, but even so we cannot guarantee that Google supports all special characters.

Press Continue.

You will now see this window. In the list, select Any DNS Provider.

Copy the long TXT code by pressing the Copy button.

Open Bricksites DNS Administration in a new tab.

Press Change DNS next to the domain you are currently verifying.

Select TXT in the Type field.

Write an @ in Host, or leave it blank.

Insert your unique verification code (google-site-verification=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX) into the field Content. The end result can be seen below.

Press Create Record.

WAIT. Wait 15 minutes (up to 24 hours) before proceeding to the next steps in this guide.

Go back to the Google Search Console and press Verify.

You will receive this message if successful.
If it does not succeed, give it up to 24 hours, or contact Customer Service.

Press Go To Property.

Select Sitemaps in the menu to the left.

In the top box Add a new sitemap write your domain in the format below.
If you get an error, write:
Domains containing special characters must be IDN encoded.
If the error persists, contact Customer Service.

Press Submit.

If you are a business owner: We also recommend that you register your business in Google My Business. You can add your company logo to the search results, manage opening hours, respond to customer reviews, and much more.
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