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We cannot garuntee, nor are we responsible for the Compatibility of Third Party Coding with websites built in Bricksite.

Step 1 after opening your website is to insert a new Section, we reccomend using a Blank section in this case, as typically you'll get better results than when using a section which is already crowded with textboxes, pictures and other widgets.

Select and Insert the Element called Widget < >.

Doing this will cause a menu to pop up in the right hand side of the screen. There'll be two options up in the top of the menu. Genereally you'll simply need to use Inline, however if you wish to imbed say a video, Media (in Background)

Next. choose Custom in selection of Widget types.

Now click on the Tab labled as Code.

Mark/select everything in the Code tab by default, and Delete It

Next up, paste your own code into the box, using your computer's tandard shortcuts.

Your code cannot contain unsafe links, as such any and all links must be prefaced with: https://.

Remember to Save once pasted.

Publish the Website.

TIP. The Code will at times only be properly visible on the Published website.
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