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Publish Website on your Own Domain

Step 1 - Publish your Website

In order for you to publish your website, all you have to do is click on the green button labled as Publish:

As shown above after being published your website will be tied to a free URL webadress on Bricksite.

Step 2 - Upgrade to Premium

If you do not alread own a Premium Subscription, this guide will teach you how to Purchase a Subscription

Should you already own a Premium subscription you can simply attach it to your newly published website by following This Article

Step 3 - Attach your Domain

If you do not have a domain hosted at Bricksite yet, you can register or transfer one by Pressing Here

To attach a domain to your Premium-Website, click on Manage Website:

Afterwards press on the button labled as + Attach Domain:

Then, select the desired domain you wish to attach to your Website

You may attach as many domains as you wish to your Premium-Website, by selecting a Primary Domain you set up all other domains to autmatically reroute to your Primary domain

After selecting your desired Domain(s), press + Attach Domains

Congratulations, your Domain is now Attached to your very own Website!

Typically it takes up to an hour for the Domain to be fully updated with the content of your Website.
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