Products and subscriptions from your old domain provider will not be transfered over. Nor will they automatically be cancelled, unless otherwise specified and agreed between You and the Service Provider. Should you have an e-mail subscription with your current provider, once the Domain transfer is completed the mail subsciption will no longer work. Should you be using either Office365 or GSuite, simply inform the customer support and we'll reenable the services.

For Danish Domains:

Be sure to have a functional NemID on hand. If you're ordering on behalf of a company, association or union, you'll need an Employee Signature or an Association Signature.

For International Domains (IE: .com,, .us and so on)

AUTH/EPP–code from your current Domain Provider.
The Domain must be opened.
The Domain may NOT be in its Binding Period for Registration (Typically 60 days).

Additional Terms of Service:
There is no 14 day return policy.
We do not offer a 30 day right of return on Domains.
International Domains such as .com and .net are locked in a 60 day period after the transfer, in accordance with international rulings.
For DK-domains you're both Bricksite and DK Hostmaster, in which we charge you for the renewal of the Domain on behalf of DK-Hostmaster.
If payment is not confirmed by the time of renewal, the domain will be deleted after a predetermined time.


Click on Domains.

If you already have a Domain, this selection screen will be under Buy Domains

Under Transfer Domain press Transfer

Then press Search.

FOR INTERNATIONAL DOMAINS Enter your  AUTH/EPP (authorisation code), which you'll need to contact your current Domain provider, and ask them to supply.
FOR DK-DOMAINS. Leave the field blank as it is not necessary.

Press Add to Cart.

Ensure everything is in order, then Proceed to Payment.

Within the next 30 minutes, you'll recieven an email (sent to the email which your Bricksite Account is registered with) in which you'll need to confirm and consent to the transference of your domain to Bricksite. This email is only valid within the next 14 days of recieving it.

Remember to check your E-mail's Spam filter to ensure the email hasn't been caught by the filter on accident.

The Transfer will now have commenced.

Moving international domains takes around 5-7 days.
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