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Products and subscriptions from your old domain provider will not be transfered over. Nor will they be automatically cancelled, unless you do it yourself. Any email subscription at your current provider will no longer work once the domain transfer is complete. Should you be using either Office365 or GSuite simply inform customer service before you begin and we will reenable your email service.

.dk domains. Make sure to have a functional MitID for Private, Associations or Employees before you begin. The domain should preferably registered to the correct identity from the onset, because any subsquent changes might incur a fee.

International domains. Make sure that your domain is unlocked and that you are not in a lock-in period (usually for 60 days after domain registration). Bricksite locks the domain for 60 days.

It is possible to prepay your domain up to 10 years into the future. Contact Customer Support if you want this. This also ensures that you will not feel any price increases in that period.

Click on the Domains tab.

Select the Transfer button.

Write the domain without prepending https://www..

Depending on the type of domain you may see an extra input field. Enter the AUTH/EPP (authorization code) in the field, which you received from your current hosting provider (click here to see how you get it).

Press Add to Cart.

Accept the Terms & Conditions and ensure that everything is in order before you Proceed to Payment.

The domain owner may receive an email within a few moments to confirm the domain transfer or your identity (the email might be in Danish for .dk domains). You must react on this email; otherwise the transfer will be automatically rejected.

The domain transfer will be commenced once you react to the email.

Moving .dk domains usually takes 1 hour (up to 24 hours). International domains usually take around takes around 5–7 days. It may take longer, because the transfer depends on you to react timely on important emails, or if your email address is invalid. Please have patience.

Remember to Publish your website on the domain

.dk domain only: Guide to DK Hostmaster

This guide continues where the above left off. It only applies to .dk domains, and explains how to authenticate with MitID at DK Hostmaster.

The domain administrator receives one or more emails from DK Hostmaster immediately after completing the order, which asks the administrator to log in to approve with MitID within a period of 14 days.

After signing in, the move is approved by selecting Request for name server change in the blue box.

Press Accept on the next screen.
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