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Solution 1: Clear the browser cache (most commonly).

Your browser saves a copy of your website. This is something it does to load the page faster when you visit it again. This also means that it may be an old copy of the website that you are viewing.

See how to clear your browser cache

Solution 2: Edits are not online

Each time you want to publish your edits, your page must be Republished.

Solution 3: Wrong website selected under Pages and Domains

If at any time you have created a copy of your website, or renamed it, select the new website under Pages and Domains . Your domain only shows the website that you have associated with the domain.

Solution 4: Inactivity.

You will be automatically logged out of the Editor after approx. 10 minutes of inactivity. Therefore, be sure to reload the website editor from time to time.

Solution 5: Multiple concurrent users.

Only 1 person may edit the website at a time.

Solution 6: Open multiple editors at once.

You may only open the editing tool in 1 tab in 1 browser on 1 computer .

Multiple people can and must not edit the page at the same time.

Solution 7: Adblocker

If you have an adblocker installed in your web browser, you should disable it on, and These apps mistakenly believe that the save feature is an advertisement, and therefore block it. We never show ads, so it's unnecessary to enable adblocking on our sites.

Solution 8: Use a computer for editing.

We recommend that you use a computer with Google Chrome.

We DO NOT offer editing on phones and tablets.
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